How to Clean Your Keyboard – Cyber Clean!

Are you wondering how to clean your keyboard? No I am not just talking about the keypads on the keyboard but am referring to cleaning the hard to reach cavities. Well, you can blow away light particles but what if that is not possible? I stumbled upon this new (I think) product in ACE hardware called Cyber Clean. It claims to catch dirt and kill germs!

I bought one just to try it out. I opened the box containing Cyber Clean and what I got was a gel-like substance. According to the box, to use it to clean stuff, you do not rub the Cyber Clean substance to the item your cleaning but instead just press! To have a better understanding on this, check out the illustration below:

My initial review on this cleaner is that it is fine. It is special in the sense that it is one of a kind but other than that there is nothing special about it. Yes you get to clean places not reachable by normal cleaning tools but that’s it. However, I would say that if you have a lot of electronic gadgets, then this cleaner is a must. Check out the videos below to see it in action:



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