This conversation just happened a few minutes ago and am posting it here for posterity. As quick background info, my wife is pregnant and as mandated by her OB, she needs to get her blood tested for various things like HIV, etc… She did the other week and today I went to the hospital alone (she did not come along to reduce exposure to bad elements) to get the results.

I went to the lab and I was able to get all except the HIV results. When I asked why, the conversation went something like this:

Attending staff 1 (polite): Nakalimutan po ni mam fill-upan lahat ng information. Kailangan siya pumunta rito para icomplete ang form at magreceive (my wife forgot to fill up some form fields and she needs to come personally get the results…).

Me: Hindi ba pwedeng ako na lang magfill-up ngayon? Tutal ako naman asawa niya? Bakit kasi hindi kami ininform noon na may kulang pala? (why don’t I fill-up the incomplete fields? why weren’t we informed about these incomplete fields on the form?).

Attending staff 1 (polite): Hindi sir e, kailangan si mam. Pero icheck ko sa supervisor ko (or whoever is in charge). (she checked with her supervisor). Sir, pwede raw po na magbigay na lng ng authorization letter na nakasulat kung bakit hindi sya makapunta at valid ID (I can get the results but I have to give them an authorization letter and ID from my wife).

Me: Okay. Pwede ba malaman kung ano ung kulang na information na hindi nafill-upan? (May I know what the incomplete fields are?)

Attending Staff 2 (rude): Hindi na kailangan! Nasolve na naman ang issue sa form. (she said “no need” since the issue with the form has been resolved, talking while not even looking at me and then just walking back and forth).

Me: Bakit hindi? Ako naman asawa nya, bakit hindi pwedeng malaman? Tatanungin nya ako syempre kung ano ung kulang. It doesn’t make sense! (Why? I’m here husband, it doesn’t make sense for you not to tell us?!)

We went back and forth on this with her saying the same thing and me asking the same thing. At last she said:

Attending Staff 2 (rude): Intersection.

Me: Intersection??? Ano ba yung intersection??? (What’s intersection?)

Attending Staff 2 (rude): Intersection… sexual intercourse. Last year ng sexual intercourse. (she meant sexual intercourse lol)

Me: ????????????? Ahhhhh, sexual intercourse…. (dumbfounded) .. Okay thank you.

Attending Staff 1 (polite): Thank you sir.

Still it doesn’t make sense for them to require that information when they know my wife is pregnant???

Will be going back there later.



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