piggy bank

2024 Updates! New subdomain! AI!

piggy bank

It’s 2024! And some updates are in order. I’ve updated some things and am trying out new exciting stuff.

The first thing you might have noticed is that I’ve moved the blog to it’s own subdomain. The idea is to make things more organized plus the root will showcase more of my web development skills instead of my ramblings 😛 The blog is now here at httsp://blog.paolocaesar.com . The downside for the blog would be previous posts are not indexed plus my SEO “points” will go down somehow.

The root domain will now feature a pseudo-search engine. It’s not a real search engine per se but simply a way to be different than other blogs plus give users a way to find content on the site. There’s also an About Me page that tells more about me and other stuff as well.

The year 2023 was about AI. I’m sure 2024 will continue that trend (plus the VR trend I think). I’ve been messing with several AI apps such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and MidJourney. MJ is my current favorite as it generates beautiful images. Check out that image I used for this post. It’s made by MJ! What is it? Why, it’s a piggy bank! LOL!

I hope this will be another great year, see you around!



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