Insomnia, Late Post And Recent Events

I can’t sleep. It’s either insomnia or I am already used to staying up real late. Anyway, this is a chance for me to post here even it is already late into July. I originally wanted to post everyday, but apparently it is not easy. So better late than never. I’ll talk about recent events that have transpired either involving me or not (did that sound grammatically right? hmmm…). This is not a complete list but here goes…

WordPress 3.0

Yes, after a long break, WP 3.0 is here and this blog is a living proof that the new version of WP works and rocks! The dashboard design is new, there is a new default theme and other nifty features are added like the “Featured Image” feature.

Google DevFest Philippines 2010

I attended the Google Devfest here in the Philippines at the …. hmm I forgot already but is beside UP Diliman (or is it inside the campus, not sure…). Ah I remember, Ayala Technohub =D. It was a fun learning event and it fortified my belief that HTML 5 will rock our world.

I got to meet with old friends as well and the best part is I got a free t-shirt XD.  Links and pics can be found in Randell’s blog.

VMobile Loadxtreme

I’m not much into networking companies (but I have joined several in the past…) but this particular one had an impact on me. Why? Because of the product. The VMobile Loadxtreme service offers the capability to “load” any prepaid cellphone from any network using your own cellphone (no special sim required) or via the internet.

You may have heard of the bad history it has and that is true. However, what is important is the present and the future. Based from my experience, they have a very good and solid IT infrastructure and thus their business has a very solid foundation. You and I can earn from both selling load and recruiting others to sell load.

As a retailer, you earn an average of 10%. Compare that to bank savings account where you earn only 3-4%. I’ll take the 10% any day! And you are not limited to 10%. If you are able to sell your load weekly, you’ll be able to earn 10% each week amounting to 40% per month. Talk about high ROI. 🙂

Goji and TaiSlim

My wife and I are trying these 2 new health drinks. Let us hope that it does wonders by strengthening our immune system and by reducing my weight to better levels.

Rainy Season

The rainy season kicked in this July and brought in the first typhoon of the year. I forgot the name but the typhoon packed very heavy winds though with little rain.

It is now 5:05 am and I can’t think of anything else. Guess I’ll stop here…



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