Shakey’s If It’s Late It’s Free – A Scam?

shakeys delivery dirty tactics


Shakey’s If It’s Late It’s Free – A Scam? Is this a scam? Probably, probably not. But what I am sure of is that Shakey’s uses various “dirty” tactics so they won’t have to honor their statement. There are others who have been duped as well.

Here’s one who had his shakey’s pizza delivered late but was not able to get the pizza free. He argued with the delivery boy but to no avail. He did not get the pizza free and was not called back upon. Talk about bad customer service.

Then there’s this other incident involving another blogger. She ordered a Shakey’s pizza and as usual the delivery was late. At first, she and the delivery guy argued. The delivery guy said he was on time but according to the blogger’s timing, he was late. Eventually, they brought in the delivery guy’s supervisor and Shakey’s gave in. The pizza was free but not after a long argument.

In my case, I’ve ordered a couple of times from Shakey’s and they always come late. Before, I didn’t mind. But now I’m a bit pissed off. This is because I ordered 2 party-size pizzas just now. And together with my Supercard, that would mean 2 extra party-size pizzas. To cut the story short, the order-taker got my order and we synchronized our watches. She said that the delivery would arrive after 45 minutes. I was still happy then.

However, after roughly 10 minutes, the order-taker (or someone from Shakey’s), called me back and said that the delivery time would need to be adjusted. She said that the pizzas I ordered would be delivered after 1 hour and 15 minutes!!! It would have been fine if they did not have that “If It’s Late It’s Free” slogan/tagline (whatever you call it…). But adjusting the time, for me, is cheating given that they have issued a “challenge” to their consumers. Add all those up and I would get my pizza after 1 hour and 30 minutes since I first called 77777 (1hr15mins new time + 10mins lag time between first order time and time when order-taker called back + 5mins discussion between me and order-taker).

Right now I am still waiting for the pizzas to arrive. Roughly 30 minutes have passed since I’ve put down the phone. If they arrive late, I will insist that I get my pizzas free. If not, then Shakey’s has still made a bad name for itself. I can’t help but compare how Pizza Hut always delivers their pizzas on time.

To recap, here is the list of Shakey’s dirty tactics so that they do not have to honor their “If It’s Late It’s Free” slogan:

  • Delivery guy adjusts their watch so they can say that they delivered on time
  • Delivery guy gets help from supervisor to back him up and say that you are the one at fault with the wrong timing
  • Delivery guy says that he/they will call back and settle the issue but does/do not
  • Order-taker “cheats” by adjusting delivery time so as to not break their “If It’s Late It’s Free” slogan



38 Replies to “Shakey’s If It’s Late It’s Free – A Scam?”

  1. Yup. But I don’t complain much about the late arrival. Pabiro lang na “this should be free ’cause you’re late”, pero sasabihin pa nila na hindi sila late. I’m just happy that my pizza arrived dahil usually gutom na gutom na ko nun.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say my side. I’ve experienced their promo and they actually complied. We had pizza delivered to an area in Paranaque (friends went over to a house) some time before Christmas but it was around 15 minutes late. I said “Babayad pa po kami?” then the delivery guy said “Pwede hong wag na.” We just had to lend him the phone to call his branch and I signed a piece of paper with his time of arrival. We didn’t need to pay for the pizzas. We used a Shakey’s Supercard for a free pizza and ordered a party size.

  3. Good for you! I just hope you’re not a Shakey’s employee! 😛 Shakey’s food is good. I just want them to honor their slogan and not use dirty tactics to get off the hook.

  4. Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve had problems with shakey’s delivery. Me and my wife regularly order pizza’s from shakey’s and they always seem to come on time.

    I guess its probably that the restaurant is quite near our place. Anyways, hope things get better if you order from them again.

  5. How about their (not so) “FREE PIZZA” when you have your pizza delivered if you’re a pizzanatic cardholder?

  6. All of the time, when i order pizza from shakey’s, it takes them 2 hours to deliver the food. Imagine, 2 F!@#$%ing hours?!?!?!

    The last incident is just today. We called around 4:30PM and as of this writing, it hasn’t arrived yet.

    We’re supposed to have it as an afternoon snack, however, it seems we’ll have it as a midnight snack.


  7. We ordered 2 boxes of Shakey’s Manager’s Choice Pizza. I don’t know if it arrived on time, all I know is, it was saggy already. (Both Pizzas)

    I don’t give a hoot if they are punctual or not, my main issue here is, the 2 boxes of Pizzas that was delivered to us are almost out of toppings!

    All you can see is the thin, red, saggy crust that was sprinked with VERY FEW ingredients. (As in very few)

    We were so unsatisfied with what Shakey’s offered us. I will never ever call that Shakey’s delivery hotline again!

    Curse you, Shakey’s!

  8. P.S. Sorry if I have to post an issue that was out of the topic. I just want others to know that Shakey’s also have this kind of issue.


  10. I searched for this thread to check about free pizza if they delivered late,,..luckily, mine arrived 15 minutes earlier…(though i was hoping it would be late to see how things will go from there, hehe)

  11. We ordered and the pizza was late. Our bill amounted to 1,800. At first the manager tried to persuade us to just give us complimentary pizza but we insisted we get the order for free. The manager gave in and we didn’t pay a single cent.

  12. Hi i just experienced a Shakeys late delivery from office this noon time. It was delivered 15 minutes late and we got everything free (2 pizzas + 2 free because of palm card, and our other mojo and chicken orders). Parang everyone is excited coz it’s free, kahit ako, pero nung actual na, parang nakakalungkot for the delivery boy…
    I have this bit of guilt, thinking, who will pay for the bill we got for free? The delivery boy is earning a very small amount of money compared to us and he would pay for our bill 🙁
    Kaya ko sana patawarin kasi 15 minutes lang naman, kaso it’s not my money, kasi it’s a treat from my boss talaga.
    Hindi din ako nakakain masyado, one slice lang hahaha, hindi masyado masaya kumain habang alam mong may ibang nagwoworry kung may sswelduhin pa sya ngayong katapusan… super lungkot ng mukha nya as in
    I just prayed na sana madami siyang makuhang tip today from other customers…

  13. Not sure kung sino magbabayad but there is a big chance yung delivery guy nga 🙁

  14. Well, they should honor their pledge of giving it out free if it is late.

  15. Yeah. But come on, someone will have to pay for that pizza and Shakey’s doesn’t have control over traffic.

  16. I ordered a large-sized pizza and used my super card for a free one just this evening. I placed my order at 8:30 and was informed that it will be delivered after 30 minutes.

    My order was placed via their online ordering system. So they have my mobile number and email address.

    After 5 minutes, I received an email notifying me that my order will be delivered after 1 hour and 15 minutes from 8:35pm due to the bad weather.

    I agreed and waited for it to be delivered by 9:50.

    The order still didn’t get delivered until 10:05. And so I emailed them back to track my order but no response.

    So I called the number that appeared in my caller ID when they initially called me. They said that the branch will call me in 5 minutes.

    Come 5 minutes, no one called. I had the delivery guy waiting until I get hold of the branch since I know for a fact that “if it’s late, it’s free”.

    I still didn’t get a call so instead of waiting, I asked the delivery guy for their branch’s contact numbe and he gave it to me.

    So I was able to talk to his manager and told her that the order was late. She initially tried to tell me that the order should really be delivered at 10:05.

    Until I told her about the email that states 1 hour and 15 minutes from 8:35.

    We hang up for her to call their call center to verify.

    Then she called and said they were late. I asked if I should pay and she said “kahit wag na po.”

    I went to the delivery guy to tell him and he agreed. I asked if the cost will be deducted from his salary and he said no since it is their protocol.

    10:20, I got my orders and the situation sorted out. Whew! Quite a loooong process but still, was able to avail my right as their customer. 😉

  17. late delivery already happened to be twice.. they will never really admit that they are late.. so what I did was when the delivery was late ( 1 min) I called the delivery number and told them that the delivery was already late.. the call center agent told me that they will get back to me.. but of course they never did.. so after 10 mins. of waiting finalllllllllyyyyyyyy our pizza’s arrived.. I straightly told the delivery man that he is already 10 mins late.. what he told me was he was already in front of our door at the exact time.. then I told the man.. that is impossible because I am standing in front of the door the whole time since we are already hungry and really waiting for the delivery .. I told the delivery guy that it should already be FREE.. ( order cost around 1,500 ) He told me that he will first call his manager.. so i let him called his manager but I told him to let me talk to the manager.. and so he did .. The manager told me that their delivery guy is not late and will not give the free pizza.. so what i did , because I was already pissed.. I asked the manager ( Makati Branch ) .. what was his name because I will file a complaint for misrepresentation.. ( knowing that I do have the super card).. after some seconds of silence from the manager’s end .. he finally apologized and said it was their mistake.. lol these people will really rip you off if you can’t out smart them…

  18. We called for a delivery but we were informed that the delivery will take 1 hour and 45 minutes. 🙁 total bad service.

  19. We are always ordering pizza from Shakey’s. I guess I’m just too kind that even if its late, we just let it go. Because some of my friend told me that if the pizza will be free it will be charged to the delivery boy. Parang nakakaawa lang kapag dun sa crew ichacharge and not to Shakey’s.

  20. Yeah I heard that as well. If that’s true, that’s not good management.

  21. I guess you guys are right that so long as they can, they wont give in. I placed an order this afternoon (230 ish pm) and was told that the pizza would be on our end by 345 pm true enough, we got it but they had to return and bring us the right one. We wouldve let it pass but it’s the 4th time we’ve had problems with the branch that caters to us.

    Empty promises are all they have to offer. They told me the aame thing 2 orders ago but they still didnt deliver. I think it’s the branch who pays for those free orders though. May fund ata for that.

    All we ever got from them are empty promises which unfortunately, theyre mot keeping

  22. Same experience here. I also got a phone call after waiting for 1hr and 10 mins telling that the delivery wil be late for another 15mins. Yes I was able to get my order for free after reminding them their tag line of “if it’s late its free” and after a very stressfull argument with the manager who happens to be very rude. I was very disappointed with how they handle this kind of situation where instead of being apologetic they are the one’s who argue instead as if they are the ones who will pay you for your order. No feedback yet despite the complaint I filed.

  23. In a statement by jolibee, it ïs not their policy to charge against the delivery crew the gift certifïcate they issue as goodwill for late delivery. I hope shakey’s also makes a clear statement about their official policy on this late delivery issue.

  24. Late sila. 10am palang tumawag for 2:30pm delivery pero tatawag pa on the dot para magsabi na may dagdag na 10minutes kasi na flatan daw rider lol pagdating ng rider sabi ko so free na ito kasi late pero d nagsalita tinaggap pa rin bayad.. nag comment ako sa fb sabi mag pm daw. may tumawag sakin tapos magbibigay freebie pambawi for lunch daw pero dumating 1:15pm siguro may problema relo nila o d kaya 1:30pm ang lunch break nila #paininthea**

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