Welcome to the Family Jaten!

jaten caezar garalde ramos

This post is a bit late but like they say better late than never!

I’d like to welcome the latest member of our family, Jaten Caezar G. Ramos! He first saw the light of day last March 16 2011 at around 9:45AM. He was born in MCM, Medical Center Muntinlupa, and incurred a bill of 42k++ PHP, lolz. But all that money was money well spent. He is the flag-bearer of the Ramos clan and the savior of our bloodline. And he means the world to me and my wife 🙂

As of this writing, he is now sleeping soundly in his bed. But he will wake up anytime now to demand for his food! He drinks/eats around 3oz of milk and defecates 3 times a day. In other words, he is a healthy baby boy. He is also on his way to speaking his first words as he now rambles a lot.

He can now turn sideways meaning we have to put pillows on his two sides so as not to let him fall off the bed. Or better yet, we’ll put him in the crib. This also means there is little time left before he starts crawling! But I don’t expect him to walk until 6 months.

So basically that’s it with Jaten. I’m thinking of creating a website under his name but that is still in the back-burner so to speak.



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