How to Make Your Laptop Faster

how to make your laptop faster

How to Make Your Laptop Faster. When we buy a new laptop, we get to enjoy it in the first few months. But after 3-4 months, the laptop seems slower. Another few more months and it is as if you are running a Pentium 486. What happened? One factor could be your laptop’s cleanliness. Yes, how clean your laptop is can have a bearing on your laptop’s performance, but what we are talking about here is its internal cleanliness.

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As you might or not be aware of, dust is the number 1 enemy of electronics. If you have a dusty motherboard and dirty CPU fan, then chances are your laptop is running slow. Not because you have faulty electronics but simply because they are dirty. This also causes laptop overheating. Hence, one way to make your laptop run faster is to clean it from the inside. There are various tools for doing so and since you’ll be cleaning your laptop’s electronic components, you might as well clean the whole laptop!


Here are the tools I use to clean my laptop inside and out and ultimately make my laptop run faster:

The image above shows my laptop and the various cleaning tools I use. From the top left (below the laptop) going clockwise, the items are as follows:

  • Sprayway Clean Jet 100 – This is the most important tool of all. It blows off dust at a high pressure for maximum cleaning.
  • WD-40 – To help unscrew tight bolts.
  • Cyber Clean – A gel-like substance to clean hard to get places like the cavities of your keyboard. A complete review can be found here.
  • Cotton buds – To clean off sticky dust.
  • Brush – Use this to brush off anything from electronic parts.
  • Soft cloth – Used to clean the laptop’s screen.
  • Screw driver – Make sure this fits the screw heads of the laptop.


I won’t be explaining how to clean your laptop step by step but the tools I mentioned above should suffice. As I already said, the Sprayway Clean Jet 100 is the most important one of all. If you feel like not opening your laptop but simply want to clean your CPU fan then this is the tool to do it. A few sprays from it can clear off the dust blocking the exhaust pathway and clean the fan itself.


Based from my personal experience, cleaning my laptop caused my laptop to run much faster. It went from going blue screen after 20-30 minutes of intense gaming to uninterrupted gaming experience. Or if you are like me, I can leave my software running overnight without me worrying about the laptop suddenly shutting down because it is too hot.



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