It’s the Last Day of July…

…and I don’t want July to pass by without me posting something on this blog so here it is! Anything will do and any thoughts will pass as a post for today 🙂

Right now it is raining hard outside. It is nice to have a short nap but I am currently printing something with my old but trusted HP 915 printer. I am printing fliers for my e-loading business.

I have also just fixed the problem that is causing one of my Keyword Research tools to stop working, my Facebook message to not appear and my Foursquare to not be able to accept new friends. Apparently, the latest Java update, Java 6 Update 26, is the culprit. I removed it by reverting back to the previous restore point and everything is back to normal. Come to think of it, this post could be a short tutorial on how to fix the said problem above.

How to fix “Facebook not showing messages” and “Foursquare not able to accept friends” problem?

^^ There! I hope this post ranks for the keywords set above.



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