Samsung LCD TV and Home Theater For Sale!

Samsung LCD TV + Home Theatre

Once again, I am selling one of my gadgets or should I say two (plus the home theater). The reason for this is I seldom use it. It is not connected to an antenna or a cable tv subscription. I only use it for movie showing or sometimes I use it to connect my laptop to for larger viewing. It has been in my possession for more than a year but is still in mint condition. Here are the specs of the items I am selling:


Brand: Samsung
Date bought: December 2009
Model: LA32B350
Screen Size : 32″
Resolution : 1,366 x 768
Dynamic Contrast Ratio : High


Home Theater
Brand: Samsung
Date bought: December 2009
Model: HTZ120
Total Power: 330W
Number of Channel: 5.1

Here are the items’ images as seen in my room:

Samsung LCD TV

Yup that’s my reflection 🙂

Samsung Home Theatre

As you probably noticed, I didn’t install the home theater like how it’s supposed to be installed which is at the 4 corners of the room. I’m really just content with a larger sound and not into 3d and surround sound. But of course, if you buy this, that is what you should do. You should follow the setup below as outlined by Samsung itself for maximum theater enjoyment:

home theater setup

Samsung LCD TV

32″ LCD TV side view.

Samsung DVD, USB player

The home theater comes with a DVD player which can play DVDs (obviously) and CDs. MP3s and certain movie files such as movie files in the AVI format can be played via USB. It has radio streaming and 2 mic inputs.

I’m not really an expert or a geek when it comes to tvs and home theaters but if you have any questions about the items, then feel free to ask me via the comment section below.



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