What Gift to Give a Newly Grad?

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It’s that time of the year again wherein students graduate and move on with their lives. Looking back, being a student for so many years had its ups and downs. Friends were lost but new ones gained. Some subjects were failed but most of them passed. Overall, it was an experience necessary to equip us in life.

We never really stop being a student. Till the day we die day we learn. But what we are talking about here is secular education. Primary, secondary and tertiary education. Those types of education have an end. So the question is, what gift is most appropriate to give to a newly grad?

I’m not good in choosing gifts but here’s what comes to mind:

1) Classy ball-pen.  I’ve given a lot of these before as gifts. To me it is very practical as we write a lot every day. Whether we are a student, an office worker, a nurse, an engineer, etc… we write … always. Since it is a gift, it might as well be a branded one. I recommend a Parker ball-pen with the person’s name you are giving it to engraved on it.

2) Cash. Another practical gift. This is like a gift check(spell??) but better. The giftee(is there such a word?) is not tied to any store and he/she can use it any way he/she wants.

3) Gift check/Online gift check. I’ve mentioned this above. This is as good as cash but can only be used in a particular store. I guess before giving this out as a gift, you have to make sure that the one you are giving it to would want something to buy from that store where you bought the GC.

4) Any electronic gadget. I love gadgets and so does a lot of other people. Giving a gadget is certainly a wise gift.

That’s all I can think of now. Sometimes you don’t need to give a physical gift. Maybe a simple “Congratulations” will do.

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