Lazada Philippines Review

lazada review

And so I bought some stuff from Lazada on March 21, 2013 – a Thursday. I bought a Water-resistant MP3 Player with 2GB Internal Memory Neckband Over-the-Ear Headphones and a 3-in-1 Pen with Laser Pointer with 4GB USB because someone gave me a GC 🙂 I’ll probably post some pictures of the items once I have uploaded them…

Anyway, I was expecting it to arrive sometime next week, from March 25 onwards since according to their website, it takes around 3-6 days of delivery time outside Metro Manila. What a pleasant surprise when I got the items I ordered the very next day, March 22! The items were in good shape and working perfectly.

So as of now, I have a positive impression of Lazada given their fast turnaround time and good quality products. It is interesting to note as well that this is the first time I bought online (in the Philippines) for my personal consumption so I guess I might be buying online again in the future given this positive experience.

Update 04/22/13

Here are the pics:


Update 05/01/13

I bought a new printer from Lazada last week and I was happy with the service. I bought the printer at 1PM and it was delivered to me the next morning! I also got a 1k discount (I was hoping for a 2k discount but others got to them first…) so all in all I think everything went smooth and well.



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  1. you are lucky you only purchased now from Lazada! its true that they improved drastic this year on their delivery service. back then it wasn’t that goood

  2. I haven’t tried buying from Lazada. I guess I will buy from them soon. They have all these ads from different sites I visit plus this helpful review. Thank you Paolo Caesar!

  3. Hi! Can I ask how do you charge the mp3 player ’cause I also bought one here with Lazada and it works but when the battery became empty and I have tried different ways of charging it, still the battery is empty. But I am quite satisfied with the turnaround of the delivery of Lazada.

  4. Yes. I’ve bought from Lazada countless of times (worth thousands) and they always deliver.

  5. I’m ordering a gadget through lazada it takes 5-10 business days it has been about 3 days since i ordered that gadget they may have a delay in processing my order, i hope that the service may not take too long and hopefully may have a good service as yours

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