Testing the Innodemag WP Theme

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I am no stranger to WP themes. However, it has been a while since I last coded a WP theme and last installed a plugin. Due to pressing demands from my day job, I am not able to practice my web programming at all! But now I am taking this opportunity to do so. Last night before going to sleep, I bought this domain and today, I am “decorating” it with a new WP theme, the Innodemag WP theme.

This theme is elegant. It also uses a plugin called Featured Content Gallery plugin. At first, I did not have that plugin. Hence, the rotating gallery feature did not work. Since I know a bit of WP Theming, I looked into the code and found out what I needed, the plugin!

According to the documentation, for the gallery to work, I need at least 2 images. So here it is, my second post on this blog. I’ll be adding another image (random image) and hoping that it works.

Update after 2 minutes:
It worked alright! I’ll be playing with this theme for a while.

Another Update:
I was surprised the Featured Video feature is a static and hard-coded one. It is not dynamic and you would have to manually update the settings.php file to change the video. So how do you update the video? You have to get the Youtube video ID (eg “0kuWo02QPHI”) and paste it in the ‘youtube’ value of the settings array.

And Another:
Another roadblock is the Tag Cloud. To be able to use the 3d rotating tag cloud, you would have to install another WP plugin, the WP Cumulus plugin.



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