Hello world (again)!

Paolo Caesar

Hi there! This is my first post on this blog. This would be my personal blog from now on as my other personal blog (Phawville) has been converted into a news site inadvertently.

Like other personal blogs, I will cover pretty much everything under the sun as I see fit posting. By the way, I am using a free theme from WPThemeDesigner and would like to thank Chiq for that.

As you can see, this blog still needs a lot of tweaking. I’ll be updating the logo, removing the sponsors and others that don’t match what I like.



10 Replies to “Hello world (again)!”

  1. Pao, just passed by din. Binasa ko isa isa yung post mo until I get here. Nice website. Simple (and effective…. kasi nabasa ko lahat) heheheh

    Keep it up Sir!!!

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