Laptop USB Lamp

I recently bought a laptop USB lamp because it looked cool. Little did I know that it would turn out very useful for me. Check the image above. That is not the lamp I bought but it looks similar to the one I have except that the trunk is silver in color. It is bendable and provides sufficient lighting for dim to dark places. So why is it useful for me?

USB lamp usages
Well, the fact that it is a lamp makes it useful. If you are using your laptop in a dim place, the lamp would bring instant light! But I was able to appreciate it because of the heat, why is that? We are currently experiencing the El Nino again and it is very hot the entire day. Now, if I open the fluorescent lights above me, this adds to the heat inside the room. Not anymore! What I do is turn off the lights and simply plug-in my USB lamp and voila cool light emits which is sufficient for me to continue my computing needs.

It also helps on reducing my electricity consumption. I have done this for a month and the savings have certainly reflected on my monthly electricity bills.

At first, I thought that I could type on the keyboard without looking at the letters. This is 95% true (percentage an approximation hehe…). But when I turned off the fluorescent lamp above me, I was not able to type as fast as I normally would. That was when I realized that I looked at the keys of my keyboard every once in a while to make sure that I was pressing the correct key. When I used my USB lamp, the keyboard got illuminated once again and my typing speed went back to normal.

There are probably other things this cool gadget is good for but I won’t be stating them here now. What I do now is that it is cool, cheap and very useful and thus would recommend it to laptop users out there.



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