Western Union Gold Card Perks and Privileges

So what are the Western Union Gold Card perks and privileges? As an Adsense publisher, I’ve been getting my payments via WU and that is how I got acquainted with the Gold Card. I always wanted one but never got one until now because it was always out of stock. All the while, I never really knew what it was good for so I searched the internet and would be sharing what I found online.

According to www.westernunion.com.ph, here are the perks:

  • Abenson HomePlus: a 5% discount on selected items
  • Dairy Queen: a free upsize for every 12oz Oreo Blizzard
  • David’s Salon: a 15% discount on any cash transactions
  • George Optical: a 5% discount on prescription lenses
  • Informatics: a P300 discount on all courses
  • Kids Depot: a 10% discount on any purchases
  • Marcela, Marcela Myx, and Kristenzz: a 10% discount on any items
  • Microtel Inns and Suites: upto 30% discount on room rental
  • Pizza Hut: a free spaghetti Bolognese or a Caesar salad for a minimum purchase of P300
  • Taco Bell: a free drink for a minimum purchase of P200; and
  • Xtreme Magic Sing: a P250 to P500 discount

While www.pinoymoneytalk.com claims WUGC has the ff perks:

  • 7% discount on any Air Philippines fare;
  • 15% discount on hair and facial services at David’s Salon;
  • Free gift item on a minimum purchase of P125 at HBC;
  • 5% discount on all Goldilocks cakes;
  • $5 discount on all international outbound transactions at DHL

When I got my card just now, the WU agent also gave me some coupon stubs. Using those stubs and my WUGC, I’m entitled to:

  • a Free Bavarian donut for every regular dozen donuts at Mister Donut
  • 10% discount on regular items at Rusty Lopez
  • free upgrade of accommodations at Negros Navigation
  • 10% discount on selected surgeries, diagnostic and treatment procedures at Asian Eye Institute

I bet there are more WU perks out there which we do not know of but based on the above sample, I guess this card is worth having considering it is free of charge



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  1. I was someone wold have informed me about the apparent “perks” I was earning all this time while I was using my western union card and believe I use it very often even withstanding the outrageous service charges I’m made to pay for service, If I send my daughter say $100.00 from Haleiwa to Honolulu(by the way is on the same island, 35 to 40 miles of a distance) at the time you folks charge me your handling charge $29.00 ( This $29.00 i that’s mandatory is basically your rep. via phone clicking computer tabs or your counter reps via a service which I have had to drive 25 to 30 min. to reach doing the same (maybe the only extra manual labor is handling my cash or sliding my debit card along a 3 1/2 inch machine, 99% I’m asked to do it. possibly might handle my cash?. Same. Now lately I been forced to use money gram which I’d have driven 35 miles to reach, not to mention the majorly less expense? As usual getting the best of us little consumers. (honestly 80%- 95% of the folks who also feel the say as I do? Mahalo What ever happened to the “spirit of Aloha?” I’m not saying that Western isn’t a business and needs to turn a profit, but to wire $50.00 to my struggling daughter who attends University of Calif. @ San Diego and is pulling maintaining a 3.5 grade average, she sure good use the extra $ i,m able to send her when we use The $ gram service and the store which services $ gram is not even 10 min from my front door. They charge me $12.00 instead o $26.00 to wire $100.00. GO FIGURE? Where I come from $26.00-$12.00= $14.00! I wire her $ at least 2 -3 times per month = say that’s 36 wire a year (also she’s in her 5Th yr of her studies. Now 5 yrs. at $312per month makes $312.00 x 5 yrs. = 1560.00. Not take $ gram at $12.oo 3 times per month x 12 months=$144.00 plus 5 more yrs.=$750.00 WOW That’s a that’s literally gives m daughter the opportunity to fly home here to Hawaii twice a yr. to visit her loving family. How does the marketing dept. not realize this figure? I know they do but someone perhaps you the person sitting in your cubicle reading might finally CATCH ON and do something about this or people like myself and others will rally up and who knows oprah might be one of the voices who decide to give it a mention. Or my brother and
    a devout christian who just happens to play Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and now is a State Senator running for Lt. Governor
    . Our father is in the NFL hall of Fame and has two Phd’s from Stanford. Not last my nephew just won the junior Nobel prize for a major breakthrough in Alzheimer’s designs. Not to mention my family make a annual mediterranean cruise with the trump family and all that that applies. Hate to drop names but your company is and has bee taken advantage of the “little person” for way to long and if more folks as myself would speak up foe them instead of not even blinking at the #

    same for a $12.00 dollar fee. Go Figure???
    Aloha and Au Hui HO and Malama Pono Ms. Melanie Hanson
    Ps Waiting for your reply

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