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running with friends

Running with Friends is the social Temple Run which makes it more fun and more enjoyable. Temple Run was okay but got boring quite fast. RWF upped this up by adding the social factor where you can play and ‘run’ with your friends for a better gaming experience. That being said, how do you get a high score in this game and beat your friends in the leader board? Easy. Just run further, survive longer and get more stars. Let’s break those down.

Run Further and Survive Longer

The length of your run adds to your total score. Hence if you run further, you add more points to your total score! You can do this by improving your survival skills. That means, your reflexes should be good in swiping your screen to avoid bulls, bulls on bike,  bulls, walls, jump over TNT, stop signs, parked cars, bulls coming out the sewage, rolling barrels, etc… Of course this is easier said than done. As the game progresses, the game gets harder as the running speed of the player increases and the chances of ‘dying’ goes up!

Another way to survive longer is to use gems to extend the game. Once you die the first time, you get to continue by paying 100 gems. Die another time and you can continue for a 150 gems. Die another time and this time you’re really dead. So make sure you have a lot of gems if you want to rank really well on a certain round.

Gems can be acquired in each round that you finished given that you have run a certain distance. You get 50 gems on the first round, 100 gems on the 2nd and 150 gems on the 3rd. You can also buy gems from the in-app store which makes gems the currency of the game. In other words, the more gems you have, the better chances of you getting a higher score.

One last thing about running longer, you have get bonus stars every 1000 meters run (I forgot how many stars, can someone please check?)

 Get More Stars

This is the aspect of the game where you’ll be able to really increase your score dramatically. Basically the total score of the game is computed by adding the total distance ran and the total stars acquired. There’s only so much you can do with running and surviving and those depend on your reflexes and physical condition (are you tired or are you focused?). On the other hand, there are so many star count multipliers in the game that would help you exponentially increase your total star count and hence your total score. Let us start with the basics.

Yellow Star

This is the basic star. Each star gives you 1 star count and hence 1 point. Collect as many of these as possible.

Red Star

When I first started playing, I didn’t know what this star is for. I tried the help but nothing was said about this blue star. I tried online but still nothing. So now I’m sharing this info to the world! The red star doubles the total amount of stars that you’ve acquired in immediate sequence. Let me explain. In the game, you normally see a trail of yellow stars with a red or a blue or a multicolored star at the end. If you run into these, let’s say 10 yellow stars and then 1 red star in the end, the red star that you acquired will give you another 10 stars to add to your total star count! If you run into just 5 yellow stars and 1 red star in the end, you get another 5 stars.

Red stars appear only in round 1s.

Blue Star

The blue star works the same way as the red but instead of doubling the star count, it would triple it! So if you get 10 yellow stars and 1 blue star in the end, the blue star would give an additional 20 stars. How cool is that!

Blue stars appear only in round 2s.

Multicolored Star

If you’ve guess by now, this is also a yellow star count multiplier. But instead of doubling or tripling the star count, it would quadruple  it! So if you get 10 yellow stars and then run into a multicolored star, it would give you an extra 30 stars giving you 40 stars all in all.

Multicolored stars appear only in round 3s.

Bag of Stars

This another one you must not miss. This bag of stars will give you an additional 30 stars.

Big Yellow Star

This is the best star of em all! If you run into this kind of star, you get an instant 1000 stars! These type of stars can be found normally in shortcut alleys (2 big yellow stars), on top of buses or at the end of a bull ride. So make sure you keep a sharp eye on them (how can you miss this big star lol) as these will increase your star count in dividends.

Other Ways to Get More Stars

There are other ways to get more stars and they are not all equal. Some give you more star than others and therefore you have to smartly choose which one to ‘take’. Here are some of the ways to do so:

Run/Slide into Objects

You can run/slide into many different objects in the game and that would give you corresponding stars. Here is a list of objects you can run/slide into and their corresponding star count:

  • Road block sign – 5 stars
  • Barrel – 10 stars
  • Wooden box – 10 stars
  • Hay – 10 stars
  • Fruit splatter – 5 stars
  • Food cart (on bull ride only) – 5 stars
  • Rolling barrel – 10 stars
  • Friends/Runners – 10 stars

Hop on Bulls

Every time you hop on a bull, you get an extra 10 stars.

Bull Ride

This one is a cool one. Once you see a big scrabble-like piece with a bull logo on it, make sure to get it so that you would ride on a big bull. This bull is unstoppable and will crash everything on its path. The best thing about this bull ride is a big yellow star is waiting for you at the end of the ride.


This one won’t give you stars per se but will help you attract stars to you without you running into them. So if you have 3 columns of stars, you’ll get all stars from all columns instead of just 1.

Gem-powered Star Multplier

This is a before-running star multiplier. That means you get to boost your boosters (any one of the above) by “buying” them with gems. For example, if you spin and get a multiplier for crates which gives you 100 stars for every crate you crash into instead of 10 stars, if you spend another 25 gems to upgrade this, you would get 200 stars instead!

There are a lot of boosters out there so choose wisely.



Always, always turn into alleys(left or right). You know there is an alley coming up when you see the blue left or right sign. This alleys are sure 2000+ stars for you so going into alleys is a must if you want to rack up your star count.


This is an optional tactic. By optional I meant its up to you if you want to jump on top of buses. This is because you don’t always get a good deal when you jump on a bus. Sometimes, there are cool power-ups on top of buses or even big yellow stars. But sometimes none. But for me the rule of thumb is always jump on buses as they lead to better things most of the time.

Run on Rooftops

This is a good tactic if you want to survive and skip all the traffic below.

Perfect timing on stars + colored stars

This is easier said than done. But through time and practice this would be like 2nd nature to you.

Anticipate what’s coming

This is a tactic all veteran hardcore gamers out there know. If you want to beat a game, you have to study it and anticipate what’s coming. Because if you do, you are in a better position to avoid traffic and survive.


I’ve written more than a thousand words and now I’m lazy to type 😛 So I’m going to give the rest to you bullet-style:

  • Do the thing that gets the most stars – This involves good decision making and arithmetic skills. Should I jump on 2 consecutive bulls or should I run into 10 yellow stars with a multi-colored star in the end. You do the math and decide.
  • Always run into alleys and buses – Always.
  • Spin for x2 and upgrade to x3 – If you are a serious gamer and want to always get high scores then this is the strategy you should follow. Before running make sure you get at least 1 x2 multiplier via spinning. Spin and spin until you get it and then upgrade it to x3. Upgrade the other 2 multipliers as well. This would ensure you get the most bang for your buck. To implement this strategy, make sure you have at least 800 gems so that you won’t run out of gems to upgrade the 3 multipliers and to resurrect yourself in-game twice.
  • Collect all letters to get more gems and xp – Always get the scrabble-like tiles in-game. Once you complete a word, you get extra XP and gems you can use to implement the strategy above.

So there you have it. I believe the things written here will help you hit the ground running and beat your friends in this cool and awesome game.




2 Replies to “Running with Friends Tips and Tricks”

  1. Has anyone ever caught something in the game that got them completely airborn? What I mean is, once, and only once, somehow I found myself running in the air, without friends I guess. LOL I was up above all of the starts and buses and barrels and bulls. I wasn’t sure what to do, so after a minute or so, I did a slide and came back down. Nothiing up there to get points off of, but I think I could have stayed and scored points all day for distance traveled with no worries about running into things. Since it hasn’t happend again, it might have been a fluke, but I wondered if it could be repeated. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else…

  2. Yeah I think this is possible because there are those scoring more than a billion points! I’d like to know this too. I’ll post here once I find out.

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