PowerBase Power Nano 2000 Model C-518 Review

powerbase c518

It’s been a while since I last posted. Let us bring things up and running by this review post of the PowerBase C518 Charger.

I recently bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 that had battery capacity of 1650mAh. I was not able to find a battery for the S2 which had more capacity so I opted to resort to portable chargers for my energy needs. That’s when I saw the PowerBase portable charger at Electronics Boutique. I had other PowerBase chargers and they work fine. That is the reason why I had no qualms in buying this C518 charger.

The PowerBase C518 Portable Charger has a capacity of 2000mAh. Do the math and you will see that its capacity is a bit higher than that of my S2 battery which could act as my backup battery on the go. I assumed that since the portable charger was 2000mAh in capacity and my battery is 1650mAh, if I used the charger to charge my empty S2 battery, I would more or less have 350mAh left in the charger while charging the S2 battery to the max. But lo and behold! I did just that but my battery was charged only up to 75% of its capacity! That is a far cry from 2000mAh specifications of the charger as stated in the manual.

I am not sure if this is a factory defect or the charger is already old or whatever. This charger has failed to live up to its expectations and is not something I would recommend to others looking for a portable charger.



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