Namecheap November 2009 Coupon Code Plus Review

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I recently bought a couple of domains from Namecheap and I would like to share the coupon code for the month of November 2009. The coupon code is – AUTUMNLEAVES. Use this code to get a small discount on individual domain names. Enter it before checking out.

Since I am talking about Namecheap, I might as well give it a short review and feedback.

Before Namecheap, I was using GoDaddy, the big daddy of all domain name registrants. The site has a nice interface but a naughty marketing system. There is an advertisement pitch in each and every hop in GoDaddy and that is what I don’t like with their system. What’s more, they look complicated and somehow cluttered.

Fast forward to Namecheap, it is the opposite of GoDaddy. Its interface is simple but nice. It is not cluttered and it offers you a fast and quick way to register domain names. In other words, it is everything GoDaddy is not. Thus if you are looking to buy new domain names, I would without hesitation recommend Namecheap.



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  1. I normally don’t leave comments but I found your blog very useful. I am new to building webistes and this gave me a good point to start from. I also bookmarked your blog

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