How to Call a US or Canada Number Free! (For Now)

How to Call a US or Canada Number Free! Yes, you read that right. Google has launched a new application called GMail Voice. Well, this is not entirely new as it has been available to US and Canada for quite some time now but it is only available now to the rest of the world. Using this new app, you can call anyone’s landline or mobile in the US/Canada for free! You can also call any phone for that matter around the world albeit for a price (rates available on Google website).

I believe if you have a Google account and are already using Gmail, then you should just be 1 step behind before being able to use this cool new feature from Google. Just download the new plugin from Google, install it and then place a call by clicking the “Call Phone” button on the left side of the Gmail dashboard. See pic below (c/o Yugatech):

gmail voice

This is in direct competition with Skype. But although Google is late to the scene, it has a huge advantage over Skype with its massive user base.



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