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No, I am not giving out free Google Wave invites but instead I just want to say that someone nominated me for a Google invite. Yes, to get a Google Wave account, you would need someone with a “nomination ticket” to nominate you for an account.

I got my account a weeks ago but it wasn’t until today that I was able to play with. I did not do so thoroughly though. I just tried out whatever I wanted to without a clear goal in mind. That said, here are a few things that I noticed.

Slow on Firefox, fast on Chrome
I am not sure why but using GW on Firefox was very slow. It could be with the plugins and all but there are several other reports of the same thing happening to them. On the other hand, other GW users report that Chrome does a good job with GW.

Can edit other people’s text
GW is unlike any other. It is like a massive chat window but it is not. It’s a file sharing service but its not. Confused? Me too. That’s the point hehe. But from what I saw just now, you can edit the text of another person much like what you can do in Wikipedia.

Can see text as it is being typed
So much for privacy. You can now see what the other person is typing even before he or she submits it! You would be able to see all the grammatical errors and spelling errors that the other party is committING (highlight on ING…).

Well, those are my initial observations. I think this is a neat technology that has a lot of rough edges to smoothen. But once things have been patched up, it will be a great collaboration tool to be used not only by the public but also as a business tool that Google can monetize in the future.



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