Converge SpeedUp Review

I’ve availed of Converge’s free SpeedUp upgrade. I’m on plan 2500 so currently I have (upto) 75mbps connection. With this upgrade, they will give me (upto) 100mbps!

According to the screenshot above, I’d have to wait for 24-48 hours for them to validate my application. Does that mean it requires approval? Well we’ll see.

From what I’ve heard, plan 2500 and above will get this upgrade for free while those on plan 1500 would have to upgrade to plan 1500Xtra for free as well, so they’d get 45mbps.

If I’m right here are the upgrades in speed:

  • 1500 – 25mpbs to 45mbps
  • 2500 – 75mbps to 100mbps
  • 3500 – 150mbps to 20mbps
  • 4500 – 300mbps to 400mbps
  • 7000 – 500mbps to 800mbps

I’ll post an update here once I hear back from Converge.



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