Belkin F5L137 Review

Belkin F5L137

I’ve been wanting a bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung tablet for the longest time now and that’s what I did last week. I bought a Belkin F5L137 as seen in the picture and I’m loving it. First of all I love Belkin since their products are always of top quality. Secondly, the keyboard looks good even if it’s a basic one. The only small minor gripe I have is that my fingers are a bit too small for it and thus sometimes I press the wrong key. But it’s no big deal, I just need to get used to it more. So far, when making notes, it has increased my production a lot.

Anyway, I’ve searched the internet for it’s manual and other relevant links that would help me use it. So if you bought one yourself or are thinking of buying one, check out the links below as well.



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