2010 Goals for This Blog

So it is already the second month of the new year and yet I am setting goals only now? Well, as they say better late than never 😛 I guess it is not too late to set goals to improve this blog since it is just the start of the year. So what do I have in mind?

I plan on making this blog “stronger” and more relevant in the face of the search engines so that anything I right will get serious consideration from them. Good enough? For me it is. Here is how I plan on doing it:

  1. Write more often to build more content. Right now I am think of writing at least one post per day for five days every week.
  2. Find more blogs to connect with so that the blog gets interconnected more. Other than the obvious advantage of having a link from another site connect to this site to get more traffic, there are a lot more advantages in terms of SEO which I will not discuss here 😛
  3. Submit my blog to blog directories for more exposure.
  4. Write helpful posts and not just ramblings. This way, my blog reader count will rise as well.

So I guess that’s it for now. If I think of anything else I will just update this post.



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